At MOL Nordic Tankers, we are in alignment with our owners’ main philosophy and motto: “Where there is safety, there is prosperity”.


Safety covers every aspect of our operation and we constantly work to develop our safety culture, which applies to the entire organization, suppliers and business partners.

Our ambition is to prevent all accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses through the active participation of each employee. We are firmly committed to continuous efforts aimed at identifying, eliminating and managing safety risks associated with our activities.

Besides focusing on the safety risks arising within our industry, MOL Nordic Tankers has a strong focus on cyber security. We see cybercrime as a threat to our entire value chain, as both customers, stakeholders, employees, business partners and society potentially could be affected by a cyberattack against MOL Nordic Tankers. Therefore, we continuously inform and educate our employees on how to keep our company and business safe.

At MOL Nordic Tankers, we always strive to challenge current solutions - and safety is no exception. Therefore, we have implemented a new tank cleaning system, using spectrometers on MOL Nordic Tankers’ vessels. Some of the many benefits of the initiative are a decrease of the number of man entries in tanks for wall wash and inspections, and a reduction of the amount of excessive cleaning chemicals needed.


Together with our owners, we always put safety first.


Safety starts with us.